ThermCo Energy Systems offers products that are innovative and proven. Our products technology is compelling; with designs and models to help residential homeowners and commercial businesses solve today’s high energy cost. Green energy saving designs utilizing renewable resources. Our markets are driven by Utility Power Companies, Federal, State, Local Governments, homeowners, and commercial business who understand the futures rising cost of energy. Understanding their need to reduce carbon footprint, emissions, recycle, and conserve energy that will save real money. With financial assistance available; there is Stimulus Federal Tax Credits, Incentives, and Rebates to inspire homeowners and businesses to go green, make changes, by design, replace, retro fit, or integrate alternative energy saving products help cure high electrical bills.

Total  Energy Conservation Products



MrCool Air & Heat Pump Units

Condensers - Air Handlers


Split Air Units


Split Heat Pump Units


Package Heat Pump Units


Gas Furnace   93% AFUE


Gas Furnace    80% AFUE


 Packaged A/C - Gas Series  81% AFUE


Split A/C - Gas Series 80% AFUE


Split  A/C - Gas Series  93% AFUE


R410A Evaporator A/C Coil



Ductless Mini Split Systems



Do it Yourself (DIY)


Oasis - Advantage


Multi Zone Systems






Heat Pump Systems


GeoCool Geothermal Heat Pumps


MHP Geothermal Heat Pumps


Hybrid Geothermal Systems & Designs


 Rivers - Lakes – Ponds


 Swimming Pools


Evaporative Cooling Tower Systems


Evaporative Condenser (DX) Cooler


Evaporative Subcooling


Geothermal Hot Loops



Geothermal Solutions & Links


Geothermal Installers


Geothermal Designs


Geothermal Installation Supplies


Heat Pump Parts & Components


Geothermal Pipe & Fittings


Loop Pumps & Valves


Pump Module




Other Applications


     Slab Radiant Heating & Cooling


     Hot Water



 Geothermal HVAC Systems


GeoCool Units (6 ton - 20 ton) 3 Phase


Miami Heat Pumps  (6 ton - 20 ton) 3 Phase



Grocery Stores


Water Cooled Self Contained Coolers



Evaporative Fluid Cooling Towers



Subcooling Applications


Roof Top Unit (RTU)


Pre Cool Make-Up Air




Closed Loop Condenser (DX) Cooling




Refrigeration Racks


Process Heat Rejection


Computer Data Centers & Towers




Energy Saving Designs


Geothermal Thermal Rain Harvesting




Cooling Tower Parts


Electrical Boards











Smart Lighting Computer System




Drop lighting


Parking Lot Lighting


Warehouse Lighting

Wind Power


 Wind Generators


 Wind Pumps



Roof Wind Turbines


Electric Generator Panels


Water Heating Panels



Other Energy Saving Accessories