•System that guarantees high efficiency

•Faster store set-up and lower costs

•Greater flexibility regarding  layout modification

•Less space needed for refrigeration systems

•Drastic reduction in the amount of refrigerant needed in the system

•Possible integration with the air-conditioning

•Less refrigeration system maintenance required

ThermCo Energy Systems  offers energy saving technology and refrigeration systems to grocery stores, warehouses, and convenient markets.  Not only do these cabinets and systems save you money versus all of the competitors, but they also lead to huge energy savings which help to ensure environmental sustainability and general cost saving. This is an increasingly important consideration given the rising cost of energy and the need for greener ways of conducting business. Our energy efficiency is a top consideration, as it leads to further benefits for our clients. These fluid cooling refrigerant cases and coolers is an absolute energy saving, efficient, and a profit enhancement. The savings is not just in the product itself; the install offers huge savings from costly piping , freon , and maintenance.


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•Plug & Play systems – (repair and maintenance components can be changed quickly).


•Self-contained fluid cooled or remote.


•Variable Speed Drives.


•A patented two-stage high capacity evaporator (multiple patents).



•Automatic foaming jig produces accurate foamed shells, enabling cabinets to be built accurately.


•Front lens lighting on bottom front.


•Better volumetric sales display (Vertical Evaporator).


•Ozone friendly refrigerant.


•Cabinet predominantly made from stainless steel.

•Highly efficient low energy and programmable fan motors.


•Mirrors on serve over cabinets displaying products from a distance.


•No heaters used, leading to extended shelf life.


•Uprights have optional refrigerated defrost, resulting in extended shelf life.


•Simple controls to allow for easy commissioning.


•Built to be easy to install, keeping in strategy with our efforts to support installers.

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