Retro Fitting is thinking





We have packaged several Super Energy Efficient products ready to be retro fitted , new construction, or a full remodeled replacement. Several designs will solve existing problems with little installation efforts.

If you are a business owner and wish to become a dealer or distributor of any products we offer, please contact us.



Total  Energy Conservation Products

Water Cooling Applications


Commercial HVAC Retrofit


Commercial Refrigeration Retrofit


Commercial Chiller Packaged Systems


Swimming Pool HVAC


Geothermal Applications


Ground Loop


Lake / Pond Closed Loop


Lake / Pond Open Loop


Geothermal Hot Loop


Geothermal Heat Pump Products


GeoCool Brochures              (PDF’s found on these pages)


Miami Heat Pump Brochures             (PDF’s found on these pages)


Lake Exchanger Brochure


Loop Manifolds / Headers


Loop Pump Stations


Geo-Pulse  (non-pressurized)


Geo-Pulse Duplex


Geo-Pulse Twin


Geo-Pulse Villa 720


Geo-Pulse Villa


Geo-Pulse M Flow


Geo-Pulse  (pressurized)


GXLP-YJ Simplex


GXLP-YJ Duplex



MrCool Products       (PDF’s found on these pages)


13 SEER R410A Series


18 SEER R410A Series


14 SEER R410A  Packaged Heat Pump Series




Mini Split Systems        (PDF’s found on this page)


Do It Yourself (DIY) Series


Oasis Series


Advantage Series


Olympus Series