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Geothermal Hot Loop

This Evaporative Cooling Tower will correct and solve any geothermal not cooling (hot loop) properly. Over time some geothermal ground loops fail. We have seen where the ground has retain the heat and unable cool effectively. Installing our Evaporative Cooling Tower into the Geothermal Loop and your problem will be solved.

This package includes:


One Evaporative Cooling Tower.

Component Housing & Control Panel.

One Water Pump for Tower. (We will call you to verify order)


Geothermal Not Cooling - Quick & Easy Solution

This product solution is designed for any geothermal ground loop. The Evaporative Cooling Tower will require 220v. wiring for the fan and the pump. You must supply water to the tower and connect to our stainless steel flex 3/4” female fitting. The Loop in/outlets are 1 1/2” PVC male slip joint fittings.

Quick and easy solution guaranteed to work!

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Refer to Variables:


Before ground loop or after ground loop?


If you are incorporating the Evaporative Fluid Cooler with a New Geothermal ground loop, install to enhance overall performance the Tower should be installed before geothermal enters ground. This will get rid of the heat before it gets to the ground. This will protect the geothermal future performance and enhance the summer’s performance giving a much cooler temperature.


If you have a Hot Loop and/or the Geothermal performance can not efficiently provide the cooling, the Tower is to be installed after the Geothermal ground loop.  The return water temperatures will be much closer to the actual subsurface ground temperature. This will, over a short time, restore the ground loop and protect the condensing unit(s).


Placement Planning:


Our Evaporative Fluid Cooler may be installed remotely, away from loop. This choice may require a Flow Switch (supplied). This flow and temperature control will turn on/off Tower pump and fan.


Water access needs to be considered. You will be connecting into a ¾ stainless steel standard female thread fitting.


Ball valve is in place to divert flow to the tower from the loop.  The tower should be able to handle all of the flow or you can open the valve a little bit to allow water to by pass the tower if the tower restricts the flow too much.  Just open the by pass ball valve little by little so most of the flow goes to the tower.


The Product:


All loop connections are 1 ½ PVC. You will connect into a Slip joint.


Attractive all fiberglass cabinet cannot corrode. Never requires painting. Air inlet windows designed to keep sunlight out which eliminates algae growth to help eliminate maintenance concerns. Fiberglass basin designed to eliminate freeze damage. Pump is protected by low wattage heat strips. High efficiency evaporative fluid copper coil design, commercial PVC evaporative media & Fittings, water Spray Nozzles, Durable plastic, non-corrosive and non-fouling. Aluminum body Fans, High Efficiency multi-speed motors, epoxy coated frame, precision balanced plastic blades for quiet, trouble-free service and salt air resistant.


Manufacture offers a 15 Year Warranty on the unit, 3 years on the pump and fan.

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