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These Geothermal designs are options to Retro-fit with your existing HVAC system or designs for new systems. When converting to a Geothermal water cooled system this is just one of the options for utilizing an Evaporative Cooling Tower as your geo-exchange. This Water Cooling Tower will be you Loop. This application, using a stand-alone tower is only recommended for the mid-west having a dry humidly (wet-bulb).

This Design will need:


One Evaporative Condenser Cooling Tower (DX)

One Tower Pump Module

Compressor Module (2-5 Ton). (per condenser replaced)

There are several ways to design it.


For a retro-fit to go geothermal, you will need an Evaporative DX Cooling Tower, Tower Pump Module, a Compressor Module.


This design is only feasible if you only have one HVAC unit or ALL of your outside condensers are sitting side by side. This is due to the air handlers Freon lines feeding to one location.


You will need a Compressor Module for each condenser replaced. The compressor is sized to your existing one.


One tower can handle up to 3 zones. Having a Condenser Heat Exchanger for each air handler unit.

Not Sure, refer to YOUR LAYOUT.

These designs can be a Retro fit with your existing HVAC system or used when installing a new HVAC system. Using an Evaporative Cooling Tower the outside condensers do not have to be near each other. This design will route water lines to and from the condenser heat Exchange Modules.

What is a Freon/Water Heat Exchanger?


This is a component that receives the cold water from the Evaporative Subcooling Tower and inter-circles the Freon line to cools it before going to the condenser (compressor).

Need Help? Call (512) 704-8200

Need Help? Call (512) 704-8200

Placement Planning:


Our Evaporative Cooling Tower may be installed remotely, away from the loop. May require a Flow Switch (supplied). This flow and temperature control will turn on/off Tower pump and fan.


Water access needs to be considered. You will be connecting into a stainless steel standard female thread fitting.


Ball valve is in place to divert flow to the tower from the loop. The tower should be able to handle all of the flow or you can open the valve a little bit to allow water to by pass the tower if the tower restricts the flow too much. Just open the by pass ball valve little by little so most of the flow goes to the tower.


The Product:


All loop connections are 1 PVC.


Attractive all fiberglass cabinet cannot corrode. Never requires painting. Air inlet windows designed to keep sunlight out which eliminates algae growth to help eliminate maintenance concerns. Fiberglass basin designed to eliminate freeze damage. Pump is protected by low wattage heat strips. High efficiency evaporative fluid copper coil design, commercial PVC evaporative media & Fittings, water Spray Nozzles, Durable plastic, non-corrosive and non-fouling. Aluminum body Fans, High Efficiency multi-speed motors, epoxy coated frame, precision balanced plastic blades for quiet, trouble-free service and salt air resistant.


Manufacture offers a 15 Year Warranty on the unit, 3 years on the pump and fan.

All Prices FOB Austin, Texas or Chula, Georgia - Freight Collect

DX Cooling

This application is designed for a direct exchange. Cooling the Freon lines with-in the tower then sending it to the compressor.


This application is designed for sub-cooling the water in the Evaporative Cooling Tower then sending it to a condenser heat Exchange Module.

Pump Module


May vary in size due to the application.


The inter-reservoir makes it easy to fill Loops and add glycol if needed to prevent freezing. It will be wired to come on when needed.


This is self contained, complete with wiring control panel, loop pump, and water reservoir.


Condenser Heat Exchange Box


This is self contained, complete with wiring control panel, ready to install and will include a compressor and a Water / Freon Heat Exchanger.



We have a Complete line of Geothermal Heat Pumps