River - Lake - Pond

WSHP Geothermal Heat Pump Loop

The River, Lake, or Pond is a known as a Hybrid Geothermal Loop. Utilizing the WSHP geothermal heat exchange between the river, lake, or pond and the waters changing temperature makes this Geothermal Exchange Loop one the most energy efficient systems available. Designed for New Construction, Retro Fit, or geothermal loop replacement. If you have a river, lake, or pond consider our Heat Exchanger when planning and designing your Geothermal Loop system.


WSHP Copper Heat Exchange Coil


Comes in several sizes to handle multiple Geothermal Heat Pump units. No need to Sink Coils of Pipe in the water.

Total  Energy Conservation Products

If you have a River - Lake - Pond access you are very fortunate. Utilizing it as part of your air conditioning and heating system will save you energy consumption and money.


Utilizing the proper sized Copper Heat Exchanger / a (WSHP) Geothermal Heat Pump system / a Pump Module makes a complete energy efficient Heating & Air Conditioning System.


These designs are also available for spilt Geothermal systems. Using a Heat Pump Condenser and a Air Handler.

For a Retro-Fit - Replacement or New Construction


Packaged Exchange boxes are available to replace an outside condenser system if you are wanting to retro-fit your existing system.    You can use your existing Copper lines and wiring. If it was a old R-22 Freon it must be flushed clean.



Our Heat Exchange Condenser Unit will be self contained, complete with wiring control panel, ready to install and will include a compressor and a Water / Freon Heat Exchanger. Both components will be sized to match the Air Handler.


If Retro-fitting you will need a Heat Exchange Condenser Unit for each outside Condenser you have or want to replace.



You will need to route waters lines to and from each Heat Exchange Condenser box, through the Closed Loop Pump Module, to the Loop.




If you have a Hybrid resource, it being a lake, river, pond , or swimming pool, a design can be fitted just for you.


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Heat Exchange Condenser Units

Designed For Split Systems


This is self contained, complete with wiring control panel, ready to install and will include a compressor and a Water / Freon Heat Exchanger.


One or Several condensers combined with Air Handlers can be a perfect replacement for conventional Air Conditioning Systems when converting to Geothermal.


We offer several types of Pump Modules to handle any Geothermal Heat Pump Systems.

Several Designs, sizes for a single or several WSHP on one heat exchanger. Housing designed for bottom settlement, bulkhead or dock mounting.