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Thermco Energy Systems have seen the energy saving products we offer perform and save projects. Here is one success story utilizing the Evaporative Fluid Cooling Tower. This is an actual install that saved the project and is still being monitored today. With this knowledge and technology we can packaged together the most ultra efficient energy saving sub cooling solutions.


Carefree Research House


Study by: Arizona State University Funded by: ASHRAE

This is a energy saving test home designed with Arizona State University and ASHRAE. The projects designed had cooling problems and a evaporative cooling tower was added. This product saved the project. This link has real time monitoring.

This is a monitoring report showing the success. The test unit was an evaporative subcooling tower connected to one of the commercial roof top HVAC units (RTU). The overall design was retro fit application.

There are several ways to get a Energy saving survey. USA Green Solutions organization has a program to identify the buildings envelope (design) to assist in the overall way to save energy. They utilize LEED advisors, contracting engineers, and consultants to address wasted energy consumption areas and will issue a report to review. The report, in most cases, is itemized so you can address noted problems in stages.

Energy Consumption Survey

USA Green Solutions

Total Energy Conservation Products

Retro Fitting is thinking





Geothermal Project / Connecticut


Installed complete Heat Pump System

1 Packaged Forced Air & 1 - Split System

Excellent documentation & monitoring

Great - Read

Toledo Ohio River Project


This project is near completion - Business was pumping & dumping water from the Ohio river cooling their 50 Ton WSHP system. After years of cleaning filters at a huge maintenance cost they decide to go to a close loop system. We designed 5 WSHP heat exchangers to solve the open loop problem. Designed to be mounted on the river bulkhead.

More pictures & information coming in the spring.