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Geothermal Water Pumps - Water to Water Heat Pumps - Water to Air Heat Pumps

 Thermco Energy Systems offers some of the most energy saving products and solutions to the ever rising cost of energy.


Our line of GeoFurnace products are designed to be dominated heat pumps that will produce maximum heat outputs at the least cost per Btu/hr of output and with geothermal models to produce heating outputs for the harsh northern climates. As we have always stated “one size does NOT fit all”.  In the industry, we provide true heat pumps that provide the maximum amount of heating production for heating dominated climates.


When discussing the COP's and EER's always consider different earth loop temperatures, first stage compressor speed. The basics of physics still rule.

What’s EER or SEER?

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Study by: Arizona State University  Funded by:   ASHRAE

Total  Energy Conservation Products

Geothermal heat pumps are an effective means to reduce both consumer energy consumption and electric peak loads. The geothermal heat pump industry has been primarily a residential application and has been found to reduce the cost of their energy. Geothermal is most effective is areas with high cost utilities, moderate electric rates, moderate-to-severe winter heating requirements which drive up the cost. Geothermal has always proven the best overall solution if considered.

The savings to using a Geothermal Ground Heat Pumps (GHP) systems in commercial and residential  buildings vary over a wide range of parameters, such as climate, GHP system type, soil conditions, equipment, sizing and other issues which influence GHP applications.  Actual performance of any HVAC system is always based its conclusion on energy consumption. The price it cost to operate, then adding on its carbon footprint. Geothermal shows a reduction in energy consumption, carbon footprint reduction, and utilizing a renewable resource.


This performance and the reduction in energy consumption has driven the Federal Government to recognize Geothermal as a major solution in both home and businesses. The Federal, State, and Utilities have designed a number of incentive packages to encourage the installation of  Geothermal and renewable resource applications.  Federal Tax Credits up to 30% and power companies have incentives that include cash rebates (average $60/kW), low-cost financing, and  discounted energy rates. Today all Federal, State, Schools, and Military Bases are planning a Geothermal Application. Most have had a geothermal heat pump system installed for years and have operated more efficient  than a standard conventional air HVAC systems.