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What is Water Cooled Residential Air Conditioning

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There are several different ways that water is used in air conditioning. The most common is using cooling towers, but the geothermal water source heat pumps are becoming popular. The cooling towers and its technology have been used in the industrial industry, large commercial, and hospitals for many years. The split system air conditioners are known as chillers. Even though the size may be different, but the concept and application is the same that is now available for residential applications.

The Water Cooled Evaporative Air Conditioner is a residential and light commercial design utilizing one of the Evaporative Condenser Cooling, Evaporative Fluid Cooling, or Evaporative Subcooling Towers. Very much like the large commercial towers, the residential provides several benefits and can be configured for small commercial applications, like refrigeration and roof top air conditioning (HVAC) units typically used in restaurants, convenience stores, and box style warehouses.

The water cooling towers chills the fluid by the use of water instead of air cooling and is recognized as most efficient. In this case the condenser does not cool the hot refrigerant with ambient air, but uses a cooling tower. Using this method offers a tremendous reduction in energy consumption and in most cases can also allow a reduction in the size of the condenser.

The Evaporative Fluid Coolers, depending on the type of coil, the water cools the liquid directly or subcools the fluid and has a higher heat rejection at or near the air's wet-bulb temperature. The result is a considerable reduction in energy consumption making the water cooled air conditioning more efficient than a traditional air cooled machine.


The overall design uses water spraying over the coils with special design nozzles removing the heat. The heat transfer, evaporative process is increased by an exhaust fan on top of the tower. The residential and light commercial evaporative fluid cooling towers are closed loop. The water flowing over the coils is recycled and what is lost in evaporation is replenished.

Geothermal heat pumps (GPS) have several names and are often call Geo-furnace, Geo-Exchange, earth-coupled, ground-source, or water-source heat pumps. The water source heat pump along with a special designed geothermal loop system uses the constant temperature of the earth as the exchange medium. Most designs are close loop and utilize water as its main source to heat and cool.

Utilizing an Evaporative Fluid Cooling tower in designing a water cooled Heat and Air Conditioning system offers several unique designs. Natural and man made resources can be used. If you have a swimming pool you can use it as a heat sink and design the tower to subcool or direct condenser cooling. You can replace or Retro Fit a standard outside Air condenser with an Evaporative Condenser Cooling tower and keep the existing air handler inside. These are just a few super energy saving solutions.