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What is Commercial Refrigerant / Condenser Sub Cooling

The Refrigeration Sub Cooling solution can be applied to several products utilizing only one evaporative sub-cooling tower. Many  businesses now have commercial HVAC RTU’s and in-store coolers with the refrigeration also on the roof. There is no need to replace them, we can retro fit using one of our solutions.  We have several equations to consider, but the solution results will have the great savings. For new construction or Retro Fitting we can sub cool the refrigerants.

The sub cooling technology is one of many energy-saving technologies to emerge in the last 20 years and not only provides for additional cooling capacity but will reduce compressor power, leading to higher overall system efficiency.


Besides saving energy, subcooling benefits the environment through reduced emissions of sulfur and nitrogen oxides and carbon dioxide associated with power generation. Refrigerant sub cooling is a reliable energy-saving alternative to increasing the cooling capacity of refrigeration and air-conditioning systems.


The technology modifies a standard direct-expansion, vapor-compression refrigerant system with the addition of a heat exchanger in the liquid line of the system. The technology is proving particularly applicable in direct-expansion vapor-compression air-conditioning equipment, especially where old units are being reconditioned, replaced or where new construction/expansion or new installation is planned.


USA Green Energy has posted a Technology Report indentify subcooling as a Energy Saving Mechanism stating a refrigerant subcooling unit provides additional cooling capacity and can also  reduce energy consumption for increased overall system efficiency.


Based on the properties of refrigerants, which absorb latent heat until they vaporize. When applying a evaporative fluid cooling tower or a hybrid source, the subcooling increases the refrigerant cooling capacity and reducing the compressors energy consumption.

Old and new conventional packaged air cooled HVAC systems are designed as a one size fits all. Throughout our 20 years we have always known trying to cool hot refrigerant coils with air just does not work efficiently, then adding in the Urban Heat Island effect.


With today's high energy prices, high peek demand charges, and high maintenance charges, makes our patented technology an essential solution. We make comfort affordable.

This technology is now being applied in these applications, home heating & air conditioning, commercial heating & air conditioning, pre cool make-up air, commercial condensers , geothermal hot loops, hybrid geothermal, commercial refrigeration,  fluid cooler applications,  process heat rejection, refrigeration racks, computer data towers, and slab cooling.

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