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What is Refrigeration Rack Subcooling

The Fluid Cooler Application is a part of our Sub Cooling solution is generally used as an add-on application to  the HVAC solution, but some larger business need this as a stand alone solution. We have several equations to consider, but the solution results will have the great savings. There are a few details to be noted. 


                    Remember we do not believe in a one size fits all!


For new construction or Retro Fitting remember we sub cool the refrigerants utilizing one or more of our patented applications.

Thermco Energy Systems offers several designs of the Evaporative Fluid Cooling Towers to subcooling refrigerants. With this knowledge and technology we have packaged the most ultra efficient energy evaporative sub cooling solutions. 

Truly the most energy efficient solutions we offer will save your business real money and economy be the best investment you will make, reducing energy consumption. Every dollar you save in energy goes straight to the bottom line!

The topics and concerns we address to offer a valued packaged solution is:


New Construction, Enhancement, Over heating, or Replacement.


Equipment, geographical location, climatic analysis, energy survey, landscaping, water source, water quality, size requirements, hybrid geothermal sources (if any), building automation system, and control systems.


Additional applications can be applied, sub cooling stores other refrigerant equipment, Pre-Cool Make Up Air, Hot water , and Thermal Rain Battery. Plus more. If it is hot - we can cool it! 

Evaporative Condenser Cooling


This “Fluid” Tower is designed and fitted with a copper Freon Heat Exchanger coil  (direct exchange) (DX) that cools the refrigerant directly. This solution is most commonly used when the Tower is very close to the Freon lines or considered where PVC piping can not be used. Can be retro fitted in a Small Retail store and Commercial building.


Evaporative Sub Cooling


This “Fluid” Tower is designed and fitted with a copper bare tube Water coil and is used for the closed loop system, combined with a specifically designed Freon to Water Heat Exchanger that is installed in the refrigerant circuit. Water exiting the Tower going to a Heat Exchanger cools the Freon. This solution is most always used in Commercial refrigeration where the units are separated. 

Energy Conservation Products

Refrigeration Rack Subcooling utilizing an Evaporative Fluid Cooling Tower offers great energy savings.