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What is Commercial Air Conditioning Subcooling  

Thermco Energy Systems understand the energy savings when subcooling refrigerants. With this knowledge and technology we have packaged the most ultra efficient energy evaporative sub cooling solutions. 

Truly the most energy efficient solutions will save your business real money and economy be the best investment you will make, reducing energy consumption. Every dollar you save in energy goes straight to the bottom line!

Old and new conventional Packaged Air cooled HVAC systems are designed as a one size fits all. Thousands of old RTU’s are still operating today using more energy than ever. Cooling hot refrigerant coils with air just does not work efficiently, then adding in the Urban Heat Island effect.


With today's high energy prices, high peek demand charges, and high maintenance charges, makes our patented technology an essential solution. We make comfort affordable.

Retro Fit is the simplest solution and the unique design is compatible with most all standard Packaged Roof Top Air handlers.


We make what is inefficient into a very efficient unit. 

The technology to Subcooling a commercial HVAC, Roof Top Unit (RTU) uses the physical phenomenon of Evaporative cooling. Utilizing a Evaporative Fluid Cooling tower and applying a design to sub cool the condenser. There are two designs to achieve this; Evaporative Condenser Cooling Tower and Evaporative Sub Cooling Tower (Evaporative Fluid Cooling). The Evaporative Condenser Cooling tower is designed and fitted with a copper Freon Heat Exchanger coil that cools the refrigerant directly. This solution is most commonly used when the Tower is very close to the Freon lines. Such as a Residential or Small Retail store Retro Fit. This saves on costly copper piping and Freon.


The Evaporative Sub Cooling tower is designed and fitted with a copper bare tube Water coil and is used for the closed loop system, combined with a specifically designed Freon to Water Heat Exchanger that is installed in the refrigerant circuit. Water coming from a Tower to the Heat Exchanger cools the Freon. This solution is most always used in Commercial Retro Fits and Swimming Pool Geothermal Sources where the Tower can be installed away from visible view and in multi zone applications utilizing only one tower.

Additional applications can be applied, sub cooling stores refrigerant equipment, Pre-Cool Make Up Air, and Thermal Rain Battery. 

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