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What is a Thermal Chiller Rain Battery

The Thermal Chiller Rain Battery is an innovative thermal storage and sharing system, that utilizes collected rainwater as the storage medium and offers several applied applications utilizing our technology. This product is an extension of incorporating a evaporative fluid cooler. This add-on specifically addresses the operating efficiencies of light commercial rooftop air-conditioners and refrigerant units. The Thermal Rain Battery delivers both enhanced cooling and heating efficiencies, making it an ideal solution for applications throughout the Sunbelt. Additionally, the Thermal Chiller Rain Battery is responsive to growing concerns about water use. Rainwater, or grey-water is the device’s primary working fluid.

JUSTIFICATION  for the Design


Most existing single-story commercial structures utilize packaged rooftop air conditioners for space conditioning. Although their low installed cost is attractive, these systems are notoriously inefficient in both cooling and heating modes, because they utilize an air-source heat exchanger. Additionally, the set and forget’ attitude of most building operators further impairs their performance.

The annual costs to cool or heat buildings with such rooftop systems depends upon numerous variables, including: utility rates, equipment age and efficiency, end building use, envelope quality, solar orientation, local climate, and desired comfort levels. Such variables often result in a building that is heated in the morning (to ward off early morning chill), and cooled in the afternoon (due to rising internal loads and solar gain). Such “swing days” are not uncommon for many structures in the Sunbelt, even during mid-winter.

The Advantages


The Thermal Chiller Rain water is recycled during the summer cooling season as the “fuel” for the system’s closed circuit fluid coolers, and constantly replenished as it rains. The use of rainwater for both storage and fuel is unique to our system, and key to its operating efficiency in both heating, and cooling modes. In arid climates, grey water, or potable water are possible storage and fuel alternatives. Most applications of thermal storage are designed to shift summer cooling loads to “off-peak” periods. In such applications, ice or chilled water is made at night, and utilized during daylight hours to cool structures. The Thermal Battery, does allow for modest load shifting, but its primarily values are listed below:

• Dramatically reduced peak power consumption during summer months


· Thermal sharing between individual rooftop systems during swing days as described above to further lower spring, fall and   winter utility bills


· The ability to pre-empt the impact of short-term weather disturbances such as cold snaps in a highly effective, utility-friendly manner.


· Overall efficiency that rivals ground-source heat-pumps, at a lower first cost, and a smaller outside footprint


• Green/LEED friendly – no potable water use, unique reuse of rainwater lowers runoff, greywater an option in arid climates


• Green/LEED friendly – easily integrates with solar thermal systems


• Features extensive control and monitoring capabilities that enable and automate all of the above


· Modular design ideal for both existing building retrofits as well as new construction, allows for staged install & future upgrades, such as solar.

This application is a custom design fitted for climate, location, and  evaporative fluid coolers requirements.

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