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What is a Swimming Pool

Heating & Air Conditioning System

A Retro Fit is a solution and the unique design is compatible with most all standard air handlers with evaporator coils that use R-22 refrigerant.

Thermco Energy Systems

The Swimming Pool application is one of our Hybrid Geothermal solutions and having several zones is no problem. By utilizing the geothermal heat exchange between the swimming pool and the waters changing temperature we can solve the high energy consumption that exist with air cooled HVAC systems. If you have one of these already in place you are very fortunate and can take advantage of it by having one of the best HVAC energy efficient systems. For new construction or Retro Fitting, remember we can sub cool the refrigerant utilizing one of our several applications. Extend seasons swimming pleasure.

Truly is one of the most energy efficient solutions we offer and  will save you real money. This type of application, in this economy, would be the best investment you will make to  reduce energy consumption.

Commercial applications is a real plus, you can benefit by heating and cooling your clubhouse. Extending the seasons swimming pleasure by allowing  the evaporative fluid tower to add heat to the swimming pool.

If you already have a Solar application installed in the pool, we can  integrate this technology with our evaporative fluid tower. Creating a super high efficient HVAC system.

Old and new conventional Air cooled HVAC systems are designed as a one size fits all. We have always known trying to cool hot refrigerant coils with Air just does not work efficiently.


With today's high energy prices, high peek demand charges, and high maintenance charges, makes our products an essential solution. We make comfort affordable.