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Evaporative Fluid Cooling - Evaporative Subcooling Tower - Evaporative Condenser Cooling PERFORMANCE DATA


Commercial and water-cooled equipment use the EER standard. There is a two point difference in the two numbers. A 10 EER is the same as a 12 SEER. The SEER rating standard uses 83 degrees as the rating temperature for air cooled equipment.


 If you have a 12 SEER unit it is a 12 SEER only at 83 deg. As the outdoor temperature gets hotter the unit will loose two points for every 10 degree.


For example a 12 SEER (10EER) unit on a 95 deg. day drops to a 10 SEER (8 EER) unit, and on a 105 deg. day the efficiency drops to approx. 8 SEER (6EER) etc.


A water-cooled unit’s efficiency is also affected by outdoor conditions, but not temperature. A water cooled unit’s performance is controlled by the humidity in the air. The hotter and dryer it gets, the better it works. You get greater efficiency and capacity increases automatically. In humid regions we still have the advantage.

Ask yourself, before picking up a hot pipe, would you blow hot air on it or would rather spray cold water on it?

In Regional Studies:


In the humid coastal areas of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Florida coastal areas our system will operate at a 14 EER. This holds even if the temperature goes up and the bonus is water cooling towers will out last any air unit, because Air coils their acceptable to salt corrosion.


In the dryer Western regions, plains of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and California the efficiency increases to over 18 EER - 60% more efficient than a 12 SEER rated air-cooled unit on a 105 degree day.


Other considerations to factor in is the Urban Heat Island effect.

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Water cooled systems have a 30% to 50% efficiency advantage over conventional air cooled systems because the operating performance of any air conditioning system is determined by the operating conditions in which the system operates. Conventional air-cooled equipment is rated by both the old EER (energy efficiency ratio) standard, and the SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio).

*Based on Copeland Corporation Performance Data for SCROLL Model# ZR34K1PFV (3 ton compressor) Standard conditions: 45°F Evaporating Temperature, comparing condensing temperatures of 130°F for an air cooled unit with 90°F for a water cooled system.